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Spotlight: Managed lanes

Hard Shoulder Monitoring and Managed Lanes: a Cost Effective Solution to Tackle Congestion

The world’s largest cities are experiencing ever-growing traffic and congestion problems as more and more vehicles appear on the road. Limited land availability, scarce funds, and social and environmental concerns may prevent adding new freeway lanes. The combination of these factors is forcing transportation planners and engineers to explore new ways to more effectively operate the existing transportation network.

Managed lane facilities are another way to address the growing problem of traffic congestion by increasing freeway efficiency. They use various ITS equipment including Automatic Incident Detection (AID) systems.

The Eastern Ile-de-France region around Paris is one such area that experiences recurrent and heavy traffic jams. The idea was to open the hard shoulder to allow vehicles to use it when traffic was congested as long as no breakdown or accident required reinstating the shoulder. Citilog’s AID system was key to the implementation of the system as it allows a safe operation of the shoulder, enabling detection of stranded vehicles or accidents requiring that the shoulder be closed to traffic.

The total cost of the Intelligent Shoulder project was 40 times less expensive than the alternative projects involving actual road construction. The return on investment was less than 2 years. In addition, because of the on-going use of an AID system, the return on investment will continue to blossom as future incidents and congestion are now more efficiently monitored and managed.

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Congrès ATEC ITS France 2015
January 27 - 28, 2015

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September 10, 2014
Citilog shows new version of XCam-p sensor

Citilog is introducing a North American-compliant version of its XCam-p video detection sensor.
10 september «Dailynews ITS WC Detroit»

May 28, 2014
Citilog, a champion of French ITS

The French Ministry for Transportation sees the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as the future of transportation. It highlights numerous examples of smart technology deployment throughout France in recent years. Citilog’s solutions for automatic incident detection and smart intersection control are a major contributor.
TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT on the french road network

May 28, 2014
Citilog to deploy large Incident Detection system on Moscow

Citilog to install a large scale Automatic Incident Detection system of the Ringroad of Moscow (MKAD) as part of a large deployment of ITS systems in the Russian capital.

dai Moscow

May 2014
Citilog at ExpoTraffic 2014 Moscow

During ExpoTraffic Citilog introduced its recent developments for video detection, particularly its XCamEdge smart sensor. We showcase the recent deployments in Russia: smart intersection sensors for the Sochi winter games and a large Automatic Incident Detection project on the Moscow ringroad (MKAD). This project was presented to Victor Nilov, head of traffic police.

dai Moscow

February 07, 2014
Citilog eases traffic at Sochi Olympics

World events such as Olympic Games require Traffic Management systems to be installed to the impact of the increased traffic on the event and on citizens. Citilog is happy to contribute to the success of the Sochi Winter Olympics by providing its XCam-ng traffic sensors to measure traffic queue at intersections and prevent gridlocks. Read more

December 21, 2012
Citilog launch new AID Night Vision Solution in China:
With more than 600 night vision cameras already installed, the jointly developed solution proves to be a successful new step in the development of the AID market in China.
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August 20-22, 2012
IRF’s Andean Highway Congress, Lima, Peru : The use of Automatic Video Incident Detection to Improve Safety in Tunnels. Read more